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Green Building

Building for the Future

Our member-builders are well versed in all the latest earth-friendly and green building technology. If you want to “go green,” we can show you all of the energy saving and environmental friendly options. We belong to several of the green-building certification programs and are happy to explain the advantages of each.

Green building is eco-friendly and helps the environment. But it can also save you money by significantly reducing energy costs over the life of your house.

Homes built to the rigid standards of Earth Craft™ and Energy Star™ allow to home owner to enjoy the benefits energy savings while you live in the home, but EarthCraft™ and Energy Star™ Homes resell for more money (an average of 9% more) and sell faster (within 80 days) than homes of standard construction

Green Building

Eco-friendly options.

There are several options in many areas of your new home – from construction materials, windows and doors, roofing, systems for heating and cooling your home to hot water systems and insulation – and a lot of information to consider and choices to make. Environment friendly options include non-toxic (VOC) paints, construction elements made from recycled material, low flow toilets and shower heads combined with “instant hot” hot water systems save water while reducing energy use. You might consider systems that recycle “gray water” for lawn irrigation.

Green Building

Energy efficiency is key.

Energy saving, and the lower utility bills that are generated by it, is a primary area of green building technology. It starts with the heating and cooling of your home and products and technology that greatly reduce heat loss in the winter and cooling loss in the summer. This includes the windows and doors, wall systems and the insulation methodology.

Once the house is sealed, energy efficient appliances and heating and cooling systems are able to generate savings. “Smart” technology thermostats control heating and cooling throughout the day in multi-zoned living spaces. Energy Star rated electronics and appliances save electricity and low power bills. Instant-on hot water systems save both water and energy. Solar energy may be an additional option for your consideration.

Green Building

Allergen-free living environments.

If you are concerned with the indoor living environment, there are options that can create in-home environments that are virtually allergen-free such as the American Lung Association’s “Healthy House” program.

Ask your Custom Builder Atlanta builder about these systems. All of our home builders are very knowledgeable about eco-friendly green building and energy savings.